I am currently working as a teacher of visual arts, specialising in Visual Communication. My learning areas are Visual Arts and Media. Although I have not produced much new work I hope to add teaching resources and artwork in the future.


2016: Master of Teaching
2015: Graduate Diploma of Teaching
2013 - 2014: Master of Communication Design, Postgraduate at RMIT University
2010 - 2012: Bachelor of Design (Communication Design), Undergraduate at RMIT University


I try to keep expanding and learning new skills, here are the technical and design skills I've explored;
TECHNICAL: InDesign CS5.5, Photoshop CS5.1, Illustrator CS5.1, After Effects CS5.5, Premiere Pro CS5.5, Dreamweaver CS5.5, Flash Catalyst CS5.5 and Cinema 4D.
DESIGN: Art Direction, Brand Identity, Typography and Typesetting, Video Editing and Motion Graphics, Photography and Image Manipulation, Publication and Web Design.
ART: Drawing, Sculpture, Ceramics, Printmaking and Painting

Professional Manifesto

The professional identity I feel is appropriate for my learning area is one of authenticity - students need to not only feel safe but also open to discuss their personal experiences when it comes to creating artwork and even analysing the artwork of other people.

I believe that starting students young on the creative process is important. It is integral to creating meaningful and considered work and reflects the standards and practise of real world industry. Apart from implementing process work early, it’s important to allow the students to engage and experience art and design through their own worldview. Building analytical skills is essential and it is important to show students that they can derive their own meaning from artwork and that it’s a skill that already exists within themselves, they just need to be able to ask the right questions.

I want my students to be well rounded individuals, not just test takers - my students will be skilled and capable of metacognitive thinking processes due to their emerging analytical abilities. Teaching students for the real world and preparing them as rounded individuals who can contribute to society is my ultimate goal and ambition as a teacher.

Social Media


Below are some links to website where I get inspiration; some are heavily influenced by my design disciplines.
Others are less design centric but still places I draw inspiration from.

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