Max Brenner iPhone App Concept

The brief was to create two alternative brand identities for an existing company. I was given Max Brenner, it is a chocolate restaurant chain. An identity exists to fill the need to identify, in this case, to identify a business from its market. Each identity we created then needed to be applied to an interesting media carrier - in this case, an iPhone game.

This solution is a pair of characters that could appear in many media applications. I decided on a pair of characters because this would allow for dialogue between them without breaking the fourth wall and talking at the customer.

On the left is the Chocolate Baron, Walter, he is big, jolly and very stately. He is the indulgent side of chocolate. On the right is the Chocolate Guru, Karamell, he is old, wise and mysterious. He informs people of the healthy side to chocolate, he is the opposite of the Baron.

The two characters compliment each other and represent two of the core elements of chocolate. However, each character could easily hold his own, if necessary, in a design application.

The concept is the two characters, Walter and Karamell, travel through history and the world to discover more about chocolate. The game would be a basic two dimensional platformer. The user would be able to play as either character and each level is set in a different location and time that relates to the history of chocolate. At the end of each level, Walter and Karamell would discuss the history and facts relating to the level. This ‘cut scene’ would also include witty banter between the two so as to keep the user engaged.